GEOWOW responded to the need for modular infrastructure components for data analysis, manipulation, combination and processing, e.g. for the calculation of indicators and repeatable environments that are easily configurable, offering:
  • Improved GEOSS resources exploitability from external clients, to allow community-specific portals and applications to benefit from the GEOSS resources via high performance geo-processing services
  • Efficient data discovery including results ranking
  • Data exploitation enablers, which support GEOSS users in accessing and processing data on the Cloud from their facilities
Moreover, GEOWOW supported the evolution of the SBA infrastructures via the development of SBA-specific capabilities that benefit from and make use of these main functionalities as needed.


GEOWOW has provided community-specific components, e.g.:
  • River Discharge Time Series Visualization Tool

  • OGC SOS Server

  • TIGGE Archive evolutions

  • TIGGE time-series Archive
that have been customised to the final purpose of improving the accessibility and exploitability of community-specific resources (data, information, tools) for interested users in general and for GEOSS users in particular.


Data discovery is based on multidisciplinary components, which do not depend on community specificities. These components include the GEO Discovery and Access Broker (GEO DAB) and its evolutions, adopted by the GEO Plenary in 2011 as a key innovation to extend the number of capacities and data resources accessible through the GEOSS Common Infrastructure.


Generic components that, once customised according to community-specific needs, enable the community clients with data processing capabilities and provide them with the necessary interfaces to access the (GEOSS) data resources as well as the computing resources. This category includes the Data Casting Service, the Developer Cloud Sandbox and the Cloud Controller.


GEOWOW has increased the number of resources made discoverable and freely available in standardised formats via the GEOSS portal in general and promotes the GEOSS Data-CORE in particular, a distributed pool of documented datasets with full, open and unrestricted access at no more than the cost of reproduction and distribution.

As one of the major results of GEOWOW, 246 stations of the Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC) from 21 countries are published according to the GEOSS Data Sharing Principles.

Furthermore, GIS layers and the fluxes values - output of the model that calculates the long-term freshwater inflow to the world’s oceans - are also provided to the GEOSS Data-CORE by a Web Feature Service registered at the GEOSS Registry System.

GEOWOW has received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 282915